Getting started

We have taken every step to ensure that your shopping experience at easybuy is as convenient and intuitive as possible. If you have any comments or feedback for us, we greatly appreciate hearing from you and value your opinions. Please email us at support@easybuy.in

Browsing your Webstore

1. Your main guide to browsing the online store is to use the main navigation menu, which has the names of the different product categories (Computers, Cameras, Mobiles, Gifts etc).

2. To reach the landing page for each category, click on the title of that category. For example, to reach the Mobiles landing page, click on 'Mobiles' in the left hand side Product category main menu. Once you reach a landing page, you can click on the small product pictures under 'child product categories' to reach a listing of a products under that category.

3. You can also reach the product listing page by hovering your cursor over a category name in the main Product Vategory navigation menu, and clicking on one of the items in display menu.

4. Each Subcategory of products can be viewd based on model, price, features. Once you see an individual item in this menu you may click on that item to get more product details, color model, description, specifications and also be able to view its closer images.

5. The top of each product page has a Home trail which upon clicking will lead you to Home page of your webstore. To return to a previous page or subcategory, you can also click on back button of your browser which will bring you back. You can also go to the top Navigation Bar under Header or Footer to move to a different product category.

Setting up an Account

In order to add items to your shopping cart and make a purchase, you do not need to establish an account  with us, through which you can enjoy value added features by creating your own account on

2. To set up an account, go to My Account.

You can also continue shopping as a Guest Shopper, and during checkout you will have the option of signing up for a new account. The password will be mailed to your email address instantly and you can login from your next purchase.

Adding Items to your Shopping Cart

Add items to your shopping cart or wish list while browsing the site. However, you do need an account to make a online purchase at your webstore.

2. When you are ready to add an item to your shopping cart, you just need to add it to your cart or directly after logging into Your Account you can click Make Payment.

3. You will see an indication that you have added an item to your shopping cart as once you click you can see your shopping backet icon on the right hand top of the webstore page filled with numerics means number of item in your shopping basket.

4. You can continue to add items to your shopping cart until you are ready to Checkout.

Reviewing and Changing the items in your Shopping Cart

You can review and/or change the items in your shopping cart at anytime.

2. To delete an item, simply click on the Remove button.

3. If you are not sure about purchasing a product, you can move it to your wish list by simply clicking on the Wish List button.

To change the quantity, simply change the quantity and click on update at My Shopping Cart webstore page.

5. Your order value will be recalculated each time you change the quantity and upon clicking update.

Checking Out

Once you are satisfied with your order, you can start the Checking out process by clicking on one of the displayed mode of Payment accepted in your webstore as displayed in the bottom of My Shopping Cart webstore page.

2. Here you will be walked through several easy steps to confirm your shipping, billing and payment information.

3. Please note you can not ship one order to multiple addresses and need to treat each shipping address as a separate order.

4. Also please note you can not ship to a Post Office Box.

5. Please review all details closely and then click to confirm payment.

6. You order will be processed through the CCAvenue Payment Gateway with 
www.easybuy.in through the Verisign secured 128 bit SSL encryption.

7. Your payment is processed in real time and within a few seconds you will receive a confirmation.

8. A confirmation page will appear with a summary of your transaction which you may like to print.

9. A follow up email will also be sent to you with confirmation details.

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